Sonika denies she planned ‘delivery’ on Bigg Boss!

After the highly publicized Ali Merchant-Sara Khan shaadi on Bigg Boss last year, there were speculations that the pregnant wrestler Sonika Kaliraman would deliver on Bigg Boss this season.

A publication had even exclusively quoted Sonika saying, “I’m going to try, and really hope to stay on the show for as long as I can. Imagine, I’ll be the first woman to deliver on a TV show. Isn’t that inspiring?” The article had stated that Sonika was to deliver between the last weeks of December and first week of January, very much within the term of Bigg Boss.

But the wrestler, who has popularized the sport among women in North Indian states like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, after taking a voluntarily exit from the House, has flatly denied there were any plans to ‘deliver’ on the show.

“I did not get into the Bigg Boss House with a plan to deliver my baby,” Sonika has asserted in interviews after coming out of Bigg Boss. “I know a lot of people are saying that I was paid money to have my baby born there. But that was certainly not the case. My due date will come long after Season 5 is over and done with.”

Celebrity publicist Dale Bhagwagar who is a specialist with Bigg Boss, having handled Ashmit Patel through the thick and thin of controversies last year, said, “Sonika’s exit is a loss to the reality show. Moreover, she was one of the most cool-headed contestants which is a rarity in the House.”

Sonika has said in an interview that she entered Bigg Boss because she wanted to show viewers what pregnant women are capable of. “I wanted to prove that pregnant women don’t have to be bedridden; I wanted to prove the ‘take rest’ school of thought wrong,” she remarked, saying that the constant honks, sirens, loud noises added to her stress, because of which she decided to opt out of the reality show.

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