Veena stings Sara as Ashmit sleeps!

We all know that things have been rollicking between Ashmit Patel and Sara Khan, but no one had imagined that Veena ‘Vishkanya’ Malik might have had a stinging agenda, throwing in a spanner in the Ashmit-Sara romance.

The starlet from Pakistan may tom-tom about her values, ethics and self-respect when slamming her ex-boyfriend Mohammad Asif, but when it came to Ashmit Patel, Veena didn’t even seem to bother how her colleague Sara would feel, if she found out about her stinging escapade with Ashmit in the darkness of 5am.

When Bigg Boss gave Ashmit and Veena a task to welcome Diwali, the festival of lights, by making sure some diyas kept burning throughout the night besides the House pool, Sara probably sensed danger and wasn’t willing to leave Ashmit alone with Veena. But House captain Manoj Tiwari along with Hrishant Goswami intervened and sent the chirpy Sara to bed, little knowing that some hidden flames were waiting to flare.

Night cameras caught Veena cuddling the Patel boy like a baby while fondling and caressing him with love, as they lied covered on a bean bag. But just as Veena’s fondness seemed to grow into possessiveness, an innocent and tired Ashmit dosed off in her arms.

It was a sight which shocked the viewers, but Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, he isn’t surprised. “I’ve always maintained that Veena Malik is a drama queen. She is not what she says she is,” he remarked and sarcastically added, “Just as some people can never change, some flames cannot be extinguished.”

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