Aarya Babbar had no time for Minissha Lamba before Bigg Boss!

Following Minissha Lamba’s allegation that Aarya Babbar wanted to plan and plot a fake romance with her on Bigg Boss before they entered, Aarya’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar has vehemently denied her claims.

 Aarya Babbar and Minissha lamba in Heer & Hero. - Pic 2

Dale goes on to inform, “Before entering Bigg Boss, Aarya was shooting in Poland for Bangistan produced by Ritesh Wadhwani and Farhan Akhtar. After that, he went to participate in another schedule of the movie in Ladakh. When he returned to Mumbai two days before the reality show rolled, he went shopping for some new clothes and accessories to wear in Bigg Boss.”

“Then, just a day before entering the House, he rushed to an early morning 6am shift to complete some of his remaining portions for Bangistan. Next day, he started packing his two red bags at 3am before he left for the Bigg Boss House in Lonavla. Where did he have the time to plan and plot with Minissha?”

Aarya Babbar and Minissha lamba in Heer & Hero. - Pic 3

“By the time I first met Aarya, the names of both the Bollywood actors were speculated by the media. In fact, I was already in touch with six to seven people, including Minissha, who later entered the show,” informs the PR specialist.

“Aarya told me, Minissha was desperately calling and messaging him to discuss Bigg Boss. But I reminded him that Bigg Boss rules do not permit a connect between probable contestants and he completely understood and agreed,” reveals Dale.

 Aarya Babbar - Pic 1 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

“Aarya and Minissha have worked together in the popular Punjabi film Heer & Hero and have shared an intimate bond in the past. So it would have been emotionally troubling for him to ignore her messages.”

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