Is Manoj Tiwari tarnishing his own image?

Reacting to Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari’s comments in the media, that his eviction from Bigg Boss was “scripted”, Ashmit Patel’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar retorted, “its another case of sour grapes.”

“It seems Manoj Tiwari is too embarrassed to have lost to Ashmit Patel. But to say that his eviction was ‘scripted’, further exposes his insecurity,” stated the PR specialist.

He pointed out that while Ashmit continued to enjoy the friendship and patronage of Veena Malik and Sara Khan, Manoj had even lost the confidence of Shweta Tiwari (one of his best friends of four years), the faith of his good friends Sameer Soni and The Great Khali, and the patronage of his sister Seema Parihar on Bigg Boss.

“The public is very sharp and intelligent and Mr Tiwari needs to understand that. While Ashmit has come out stronger, Mr Tiwari has messed up his image and is tarnishing it further by terming the reality show as scripted after his ouster,” remarked the publicist.

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