STOP PRESS: Casanova Ashmit beats superstar Manoj in Bigg Boss!

God punishes Manoj Tiwari

When Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel was pitted opposite Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari for nominations in Bigg Boss this week, Manoj had gloated in the reality show saying, Ashmit was no match for him.


An egoistic Manoj even went on to bad mouth and criticize Ashmit. He raked up the old MMS issue, insisting that nobody liked him. But now, facts and figures have proved otherwise. The viewers have voted for Ashmit.

In a surprising twist of events, the Bhojpuri superstar has had to face an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the upcoming actor. “Mr Tiwari underestimated the power of youth. The youngsters connect with Ashmit, Veena Malik and Sara Khan, not with Mr Tiwari’s back-biting,” said Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar.


“While Ashmit was continuously gaining new fans for his friendship with Veena Malik, Aanchal Kumar and Pamela Anderson (earning himself the title of India’s First Casanova), his tussle with Dolly Bindra, his caring for Sara Khan, his bonding with Ali Merchant and Hrishant Goswami and for his honesty and straight-forward nature, Mr Tiwari had become vindictive towards him. So God punished Mr Tiwari,” remarked Bhagwagar.

It is noteworthy that the public has saved Ashmit thrice from the nominations uptil now. Reminds us of the old Rajesh Khanna number:

‘Yeh jo public hai, Yeh sab jaanti hai.

Aji andar kya hai, Aji bahar kya hai,

Yeh sab kuchh pehchaanti hai.

Yeh chaahe to sar pe bitha le,

Chaahe phenk de neeche,

Pehle yeh peechhe bhaage,

Phir bhaago iss ke peechhe.

Arre dil toote toh, Arre yeh roothe toh,

Taubaa kahaan phir maanti hai.

Yeh jo public hai, Yeh sab jaanti hai.

Kya neta kya abhineta, De janta ko jo dhokha,

Pal mein shohrat, Udd jaaye jyon,

Ek pawan ka jhonka.

Yeh jo public hai, Yeh sab jaanti hai!’


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