Non-smoker Neetu Chandra has 28 cigarettes in a day!

Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra who is in Pattaya, Thailand, shooting for Tamil industry’s showman Ameer Sultan’s film ‘Aadhi Bhagavan’ is down with a curious case of introduction to smoking.


Neetu who plays the leading lady in the Kollywood film opposite Southern superstar Jayam Ravi, had to enact a scene, wherein her character smokes a lot. Though initially, this was a serious issue for the non-smoker that Neetu is, she decided to give it her best shot simply for the sake of professionalism.


While director Ameer taught her how to hold a cigarette in different ways, Neetu ended up indulging herself with 28 cigarettes before the scene was finally okayed.


“It was fun,” Neetu laughed after the day’s shoot. She wouldn’t have, if she knew that by the time this piece would go in print, she’d be taking medicines for a sore throat!!