Veena Malik attacks Ashmit Patel

After placing match-fixing allegations on ex-boyfriend and Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif and unceremoniously dragging Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra’s name in the international cricket scandal, Pakistani starlet Veena Malik seems to have surprisingly turned her attention towards Bigg Boss co-participant Ashmit Patel this week.

Ashmit, a favourite with girls on the reality show, has currently been given a kitchen task of cleaning dishes in the Bigg Boss House. But when he stressed on cleanliness of utensils, out of the blue, Veena suddenly lashed out at him. “Aap ko bahut shaq hai baat karne ka, aur main yahan pe relax kar rahi hoon… Go….  Apna kaam karo… mujhpe ehsaan kar rahe ho kya.” When Ashmit started to leave the argument, saying he’s going for a workout, Veena shouted at him again, “Meri bala se workout karo… I don’t care,” she shot and added, “Jhoothe bartan dhota hai, toh khana bhi toh khata hai.


From the looks of it, Veena gives more significance to tiffs over emotions of the co-participants on the show. Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar agrees. “Veena is just a drama queen. She talks about tehzeeb (etiquette) and integrity, but seems to do everything for effect,” he remarked.

Undoubtedly, Veena’s attention-seeking antics are questionable, but the irony is that such cocky behaviour has also come to be known as a necessary evil for reality shows, so it has to be tolerated by the other participants. “Ashmit is a responsible person. He might get upset on the spur of the moment, but I’m sure he will get over this volley of words and bounce back with dignity,” Bhagwagar added.


It will be interesting to watch how far Veena’s ‘stings’ (she’s been nicknamed Vishkanya on the show) will take her on Bigg Boss. As far as the viewers are concerned, they seem to be lapping up every bit of the drama, as much as they are enjoying host Salman Khan’s dabangg moves and jibes.