Sara Khan puts Ali Merchant in jeopardy!

Indicating that her emotions for Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel in the reality show Bigg Boss are genuine, television’s princess Sara Khan (of Bidaai fame) was captured on camera, confiding in co-participant Shweta Tiwari that she was through with her boyfriend Ali Merchant. “I have dignity and I am not the type to say such things for the sake of TRPs,” she quipped on the show, signaling Ali’s exit from her life.

It can be recalled that last week, Ali Merchant went to town giving interviews to the media, stating that the Ashmit-Sara romance on Bigg Boss was stage-managed by the Colors channel, with deliberate intentions of boosting their viewership. Squarely blaming the broadcaster for fooling the public in the name of a reality show, Ali had alleged, “Sara’s footage with Ashmit is specially being highlighted in a bid to create extra masala to spice up the show to increase the TRPs.”


When asked, if he felt threatened or insecure about Ashmit, he had asserted, “Our relationship is pure and things will definitely smoothen when Sara gets back from the show. I am 200 percent sure that nothing is happening between them (Ashmit and Sara). He (Ashmit) should back off and not meddle in other people’s matters.”


Now, with Sara revealing on Bigg Boss that she feels Ali had been double-timing her (she even narrated instances of her catching him red-handed) the situation has taken a complete U-turn. Sara stated that she does not intend to continue her relationship with Ali on her return from the show, and this has put Ali in the most embarrassing situation of his personal life. Not only has he lost his girlfriend, but he has also lost face in public. Plus, since Ali has already bad-mouthed the channel in the media, his chances of appearing on Bigg Boss too, seem bleak.


But Ali has found a sympathizer in the most unlikely person. Ashmit Patel’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar, feels sorry for Sara’s ex. “Ali miscalculated when he attempted to get the media on his side, while an upset Sara is still in the House; seen and heard on national television every day. Probably, he was ill-advised and he chose to jump to conclusions before time, ending up looking like a PR disaster. Hope he intelligently gets over the crisis situation now,” said the PR specialist.