Rima Ray’s award-winning bestseller ‘Ruby Roy and the Murder in the Falls’ infuses Bollywood, Hollywood and pop culture

Indian-American author Rima Ray’s debut novel ‘Ruby Roy and the Murder in the Falls’  became the No.1 best-selling humorous fiction book on Amazon soon after its release. What’s more! The novel has recently been featured among the Top 10 best cozy mysteries of the year by Reader’s Digest and the critically-acclaimed site Goodreads. It has also bagged the Readers’ Favorite 2022 Silver Medal in the humor/comedy category.

Having grown up in culturally rich countries as varied as Kuwait, Qatar, India, the Philippines, Japan, Canada, and the U.S, Indian-American author and professor Rima Ray has experienced many adventures.

In the early nineties, Rima’s family survived the first Gulf War in Kuwait, where it was airlifted by the Indian government; an event which later became the subject of the hit Bollywood film Airlift starring superstar Akshay Kumar.

Rima also survived the triple disaster (earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster) in Japan in 2011. She was working on the 11th floor of her office building in Tokyo when the magnitude nine earthquake hit.

These and more experiences and atmospheres reflect in her award-winning bestselling debut comedy-mystery novel ‘Ruby Roy and the Murder in the Falls’, with its quirky and relatable protagonist Ruby Roy loosely based on Rima Ray herself.

The main character of Ruby is a goofy, yet lovable plus-size female professor turned amateur sleuth, with a wayward imagination heavily influenced by movies and pop culture. Being a murder-mystery book fanatic, Ruby’s world turns topsy-turvy when she discovers a shocking murder at her university campus. This prompts her to throw herself into the action she has loved the most in detective shows and novels.

As an author, Rima infuses her love for Bollywood, Disney, Marvel and the modern world through Ruby Roy having Bengali Indian roots. There are many cultural references to Hindu rituals, Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, as the story takes unpredictable twists and turns, leading to an action-packed climax which is set in the backdrop of the imposing Niagara Falls in New York.

The novel features an incredibly diverse set of characters hailing from backgrounds and cultures from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and North America, and some also representing minority and LGBTQIA communities.

Following the success of ‘Ruby Roy and the Murder in the Falls’, Rima is currently working on two more books titled ‘Ruby Roy and the Hawaiian Mystery’ and ‘Ruby Roy and the Fishy Affair in Kolkata’, which would kickstart the Ruby Roy mystery series.

Zaffori offers free storage in New York for designers worldwide

Online marketplace Zaffori is offering free storage for designers worldwide at its fulfillment center in New York. Since NYC has great connectivity, it will reduce shipping time for customer orders and allow for a more efficient flow compared to a drop-shipping model.

Starting next month, designers affiliated with Zaffori can avail complimentary fulfillment services to store their inventory, informs the company. There is no fulfillment center fee or membership fee. At the Zaffori Fulfillment Center, its team will place the product into premium packaging and ship anywhere across the globe at the company’s cost.

Zaffori prioritizes sustainability in its business model. With the platform being predominantly a made-to-order / made-to-measure one, it brings down the investment cost for designers and also reduces wastage. A designer only begins production once an order has been placed, this reduces unnecessary storage and investment.

Born from the idea that talented international designers deserve a larger market, the Zaffori brand is introducing the bespoke designer wear concept, offering customized premium apparel and accessories.

The platform aims to unite global exclusive emerging designers and brands to market garments to customers worldwide, who desire authentic and deluxe designer wear. Headquartered in New York, Zaffori will connect distinctive global emerging and independent brands with those seeking to shop through a unique product range.

Emotional story of brothers wins hearts at international film festivals

Mainak Misra’s short film Days of Marigolds has been winning hearts at various international film festivals, which has the maker feeling elated and all charged up to think of a bigger and better future.

Days of Marigolds collage 1

“When I made this short film I had not expected that it will get such a grand response. But the kind of feedback and acclaim its managed to generate at all the film festivals is simply mind-blowing for a debutant filmmaker like me,” says a thrilled Mainak, who shot the film near his hometown Hyderabad, at the banks of Pochampally village lake, with commoners as actors.

Filmmaker Mainak Misra - Image 1

The film has received widespread acclaim at various film festivals including The Mediterranean Film Festival (MedFF), Sicily, Italy; Salto Independent Film Festival, Salto, Uruguay; Move Me Productions Belgium-Film Festival, Antwerp, Belgium; Inshort Film Festival, Lagos, Nigeria; Bayamon International Film Festival, Bayamon, Puerto Rico; Yecora International Film Festival, Yecora, Mexico and at the Art Quake Kyoto 2019  (Creativity Biennale of Art Exhibitions & Film Festival), Kyoto, Japan.

Poster - Days of Marigolds

What’s more! Days of Marigolds also bagged the Semi-Finalist position at Los Angeles Cine-Fest, Los Angeles; USA, A Rebel Minded Festival, Brooklyn, New York, USA; as well as at FESTPRO Film Festival, Moscow, Russia.

Days of Marigolds - Poster

Mainak points out that it is the narrative of the short film which caught the fancy of audiences. Days of Marigolds revolves around a story of two brothers in rural India. As the elder brother leaves the village, the younger brother keeps returning to the place they parted at. Each return marks a passage of his life cycle from childhood to adolescence, early adulthood, late adulthood, and eventually old age.

Days of Marigolds - Pic 1

“The absence of our dear ones is felt deep down in our hearts. We keep longing for their presence. Their memories remain vivid in our minds for the rest of our lives. Those memories are missed and the moments are cherished forever,” quips Mainak. True that.

Filmmaker Mainak Misra - Image 2

The filmmaker is now working on the script of his first feature film and plans to make a splash in Bollywood in future. We wish him all the luck.

Indian-American singer Kabir manages to win hearts with Got Me Hooked

 When Indian-American singer Kabir released his debut single Got Me Hooked, he was anxious how well it will be accepted. The Brown Debonair as he has been nicknamed by the US media, Kabir has a very unique silvery voice compared to traditional Indian singers abroad.

 Singer Kabir. Pic 8.

A fortnight after his release, he is a happy man. Got me Hooked has not only been well-received, but has earned rave reviews in the American, Canadian as well as British media. Winning hearts of the huge Asian community as well as on the mainstream music circuit, its fast emerging a hot favourite with many radio stations playing it several times a day.

Written and produced by Damen Heyward and Juan ‘Majik’ Peters, the number has a set of hypnotic rhythms with the video having a very chilled-out feel. This has also managed to win Kabir a strong female fan-following.

 Singer Kabir. Pic 9.

“I should admit I was a bit nervous before the release, but the response from radio stations and social media has been heartening,” quips Kabir. Moreover, his video has steadily been growing in popularity on YouTube with consistent organic views and lots of positive comments, which has brought more cheer.

The singer narrates an incident when he recently visited an Indie club in Brooklyn and the DJ immediately recognized him. “The club managed to get hold of the number from YouTube and began playing it, announcing my presence. It was a touching and overwhelming moment for me. They made me feel like a rockstar,” recalls the debutant.

 Singer Kabir. Pic 11.

Not many are aware that Kabir actually belongs to the family of Partap Brothers with a rich musical heritage. Music runs in his blood, with some of his family members being veterans of traditional spiritual music and ambassadors of the Sikh community in North America. This makes it all the more interesting to see how Kabir will steer his musical journey from here.

Singer Kabir. Pic 10.

Indian-American singer Kabir releases debut single Got Me Hooked

Singer Kabir - Single Cover Pic

Indian-American Brooklyn boy Kabir worked as a financial analyst in New York for the multi-billion-dollar company Bloomberg LP. But when it came to his dreams, he was man enough to quit his high-flying job to pursue his passion for singing. Released this week, his debut single Got Me Hooked, is sure managing to catch attention.

Singer Kabir. Pic 2.

Written and produced by Damen Heyward and Juan ‘Majik’ Peters, Got Me Hooked is a peppy pop number with electrifying beats and racy lyrics. The music video reveals Kabir in a suave and stylish avatar. With a set of hypnotic rhythms and silvery voice, he comes across as a chilled-out ladies man out to conquer hearts.



Kabir’s voice has the pitch of a Punjabi jat combined with a soothing touch of flowing melody. A very unusual sound from what we are used to hear from Asian-American singers. And that is also what makes him stand out.

Singer Kabir. Pic 3.

He has a rich musical heritage that includes the Partap Brothers; veterans of traditional spiritual music and ambassadors of the Sikh community in North America.

Singer Kabir. Pic 5.

It turns out that over the years, classic and contemporary American songs have shaped Kabir’s sound along with traditional Indian music, reflecting his varying influences even on a pop track.

Singer Kabir. Pic 6.

That’s an interesting personality-sound combo we have here. Now we’ll have to wait and watch how well it hooks the listeners.

Singer Kabir. Pic 7.

Ram Kamal Mukherjee’s book inspired by Bollywood’s DARK SECRETS!


Hard-nosed Bollywood journalist Ram Kamal Mukherjee’s name in Bollywood elicits a blend of alarm and fascination. Some of the most famous film stars and media agents have been either his sworn enemies or closest allies.


So for Ram to come out with a book inspired by his experiences, is something to look forward to. However, the unique aspect of his upcoming book will be that Ram won’t be chronicling his escapades in Bollywood, like most journalists normally do in their books. Instead, he has chosen to go for an abstract fiction genre, though liberally borrowing from his experiences with the who’s who of Bollywood.


His book ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ will be released by Leadstart Publishing next month. Through various stories, the mood of the book is expected to swing from sober to slut, from dark love to wild lust.


“This is my first attempt at writing something which is beyond my comfort zone, as fiction has not been my forte as a journalist. Though some film stars have accused me of writing fictional interviews in tabloids,” smirks the journalist-turned-author. “Finally, their fears have come true with this book,” he laughs.


And what’s with the title ‘Long Island Iced Tea’, we inquire. “There are eight essential ingredients cocktailed to make the classic Long Island iced tea, which originated at the Oak Beach at Long Island in New York. Without any one of them, the zing would be missing. Likewise, there are eight stories in the book,” Ram explains.


The book’s publisher Swarup Nanda is equally excited about the release of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’. “I had always heard about Ram Kamal Mukherjee in the context of his scandalous and notorious stories on Bollywood stars. But when I read the short fictional stories inspired from various incidents in his life, I found them charmingly simple, yet thought-provoking. This book is what breezy reading is all about.”