Bollywood PR Dale Bhagwagar explains why ‘feminism’ is bad for women

Bollywood PR Dale Bhagwagar explains why 'feminism' is bad for women.

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Mahesh Bhatt, Garry Lyons to preside over Elevate 2015

Elevate 2015 to empower creative streaks in Bollywood

Coinciding with the International Women’s Day, Garry Lyons of the University of Leeds, UK, along with activist-filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, will preside over Elevate 2015, the second annual conclave to be held on March 5 at The Club, Mumbai, this week.

The event will be marked by panel discussions, followed by felicitations of various network and studio teams, film and television writers, producers and directors, whose projects have made a profound impact on audiences.

ACEE - The Third Eye

It is being organized as part of The Third Eye program; a free-on-demand resource centre for information on sustainable development, climate change, health, legal and rights issues for filmmakers and creative communities, leading in the business of media and entertainment in India.

The Third Eye is a partnership between the ‘Asian Centre for Entertainment Education’ (ACEE), India, and ‘Hollywood, Health and Society’ (HH&S), Norman Lear Centre, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. The ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’, among others, funds the program.

In partnership with The Club, Mumbai; Elevate 2015 shares its association with the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Alongside acclaimed film director, producer and screenwriter Mahesh Bhatt, the event’s accompanying moderator Garry Lyons, is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and producer. He is the director of impact and innovation at the School of Performance and Cultural Industries at Leeds.

Eyes right check turn

Two sets of panel discussions will be held between a stellar list of stalwarts from Bollywood, including experts and activists at the conclave. Topics include the creation of content, and how audiences, primarily women, can be empowered through the process.

There will be further discussions about how the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in India, and other regulatory authorities, can look ahead in time and formulate a vision for creative communities; thus empowering audiences.